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'Wild Flowers' and '16 Minutes'

13th May 2017

'Wild Flowers' is a short musical about 5 women, singers/performers who never really made it and never will. They get together in a shabby dressing room to prepare for a show and talk, bitch, gossip about their (love) lives, expectations, disappointments etc In between they burst out singing, motown, jazzy etc. solos and background singing in harmony.

'16 minutes' written by Matteo Pasquini, centres around Ulin, who returns home, having lived in “The South”, and who meets up with long-time friend, Mabur, to have lunch. Ulin realises that there have been many changes, both in his country and his friend and strange new rules introduced by the government "to enhance the happiness and the safety of the people" include how long the national dish should be cooked for! This dark drama will challenge your perceptions on the way modern ‘spin’ government works.

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'Wild Floweres' and 'Checking Out'

14th May 2017

'Wild Flowers' written by Marlis, is a short musical about a group of slightly jaded performers who never really made it and never will. Set in the dressing room of a seedy theatre as they prepare for another show, they talk, bitch and gossip about their (love) lives, expectations and disappointments. Interspersing this they burst into song. With classic Motown hits, this toe tapping, fun musical romp will make you laugh as you repress your desire to sing along with truly great songs.

'Checking out', written by Jo Chandler, is the story of Sandra’s visit to her successful daughter, Kerry-Ann. But tensions soon arise as it is revealed just how embarrassed Kerry-Ann is that her mother acts so crassly and is happy to work at a supermarket, whereas Kerry-Ann has pulled herself up the social ladder. But is all as it seems?

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AATG Play Reading: An Adventure into Ayckbourn – Part 2

27th March 2017

AATG Play Readings: An Adventure into Ayckbourn – Part 2
Monday 27th March 2017
Following our well attended Alan Ayckbourn play reading in February, we’ll be reading the opening scenes of “Henceforward” and “Absurd Person Singular” by this renowned UK playwright.

So come along and listen, or practise your reading skills before an appreciative audience, and socialise with other AATG members and new friends. As always, there’ll be free drinks and nibbles!

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AATG 2017 Charity Murder Mystery Dinner

11th March 2017

Can you out-think Poirot?

Are Miss Marple mysteries easy-peasy to solve?

Are you able to out deduce Sherlock Holmes?

If the answer is yes then the game is afoot! Why not support a great charity, have an enjoyable meal and put the little grey cells to the test at the AATG annual Charity Murder Mystery Dinner?

Places are limited to 9 tables, and each table can hold up to 9 people. You can book from 1 to 9 seats

This hugely popular event will sell out quickly so to avoid disappointment book now! www.aatg.nl

All donated profits go directly to Ndege Primary and Secondary School, Njoro, Kenya, for the purchase of bricks, books and funding their children's breakfast club

Click on the book now to send an e-mail, or send your booking directly to dinnermurdermystery@gmail.com

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