'A Night on Broadway'

Children's Launch Event:
5 March - 14:00 - Warehouse
Performances: 23-25 June - Warenar

Be part of a night of musical extravaganza: 'A Night on Broadway'! A fun show full of excerpts from Broadway musicals!

The concept will be presented at the Launch Event on Sunday 5th March where the emphasis will be on singing: both chorus ensemble and solo.

Included will be some numbers by the children where we will need some of you to sing solos. Come along to the launch to try out to be one of our soloists.

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Improv Workshops &
Weekend Course

The AATG is organising two short Improv Workshops and a Weekend Course this spring. We’re looking to offer two different experiences that are suited to a range of interests and levels.

Improv is not new to the AATG, but we are looking to gauge interest in forming a dedicated improv troupe. So if you think improv is your cup of tea, let us know and get involved.

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Charity Murder Mystery Dinner 2023
AB/CD Reunion Tour!
24 & 25 March - 19:30 - Warenar

After the absence of the sell-out Charity Murder Mystery Dinners over the last three years, the AATG will once again be arranging a brand-new one in March!


For only €60, you can enjoy an evening of investigation where you are the detectives. The 'Suspects' will join your tables to lead you to your conclusions of ‘who dunnit’ as you enjoy a three-course meal (including coffee).


You can join us individually, in groups, or even gather 8-9 friends to fill a table. Places are limited so BOOK NOW!

We are pleased to announce that this year the net proceeds will be donated to

The Salvation Army.

Don't be disappointed, book early! Click the button below:

AATG Singing Group
Thank you for the music!

Great news! Inspired by the fun had backstage singing during the Sleeping Beauty panto run, we put some of our musical heads together and have created our very own AATG Singing Group!

With the go-ahead from the committee, we're now in full swing rehearsing our songs. We'll provide more info about the performances closer to the dates, of course!

Sign-ups are still open; click the button below for more:

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The Warehouse
De Star 5
2266NA Leidschendam

Upcoming Events 2023

• 5 Mar: Night on Broadway Kids,

• 18 Mar: Short Improv Workshop 1,

• 24+25 Mar: Charity Murder Mystery Dinner, Warenar

• 5 Apr: Short Improv Workshop 2,

• 15+16 Apr: Weekend Improv Course & Show, Kunsthut

• 19-21 May: The Poetry of Freedom, Zeeheldentheater

• 23-25 Jun: 'A Night on Broadway', Warenar

• Winter 2023: 'Treasure Island - Panto on the High Seas!'