'A Night on Broadway'
Coming 21-23 June!

Join us once again for 'A Night on Broadway', a musical extravaganza for the whole family where we will sing and dance to music from some of Broadway’s greatest hits from 14 different Broadway musicals: From Guys and Dolls to Grease, from La La Land to Oliver, from Tim Rice to Six all in one place, on one night.

Tickets are now available on the Warenar website!

Click the button below:

'Peter Pan' auditions are coming!
Adults and kids can also sign up for chorus

Even though the auditions are still a couple of months away, we like to get a jump on things when we can, so you can already sign up for the principal cast auditions for the AATG's next annual pantomime: 'Peter Pan'!

Principal auditions will take place on Thursday 6 June at 19:30 and Saturday 8 June at 14:00, both at the AATG Warehouse, as normal.

Click the first button below for the sign-up form:

The start of chorus rehearsals for the panto is even further away (end of August/beginning of September), but you can go ahead and put yourself on the list already using the buttons below:

Annual General Meeting
30 June at 19:30

End of Season BBQ beforehand at 16:30

The AATG’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2023-2024 will be held in the AATG Warehouse at 19:30 on Sunday 30 June. All AATG members will be notified, and will be sent the agenda in due course.

All AATG members are encouraged to come and join us for an end of season BBQ prior to the AGM at 16:30. 

Please sign up for the BBQ via the button below so that we have a rough idea of who is coming and what food and drinks they're bringing:

Note: it's not necessary to sign up for the AGM.

AATG Filmmaking Group
Film Editing Workshop

Film Editing Workshop
Unfortunately it was not possible to hold the
Film Editing workshop in September, but we do intend to hold it still in 2023. The date/time will be published in the next newsletter, but also keep an eye out on Facebook where information is usually first to appear, as well as here on our website. We will be learning how to use DaVinci Resolve free software to edit the footage from the Shooting Workshop we held in May. You do not need to have attended the Shooting Workshop to attend this one.

Join in: if you are interested in joining in then please sign up using this form, selecting the box "filmmaking" as well as any other things that take your fancy! Existing members can contact us by email.

AATG Singing Group
Thank you for the music!

The AATG Singing Group will once again be part of A Night On Broadway, we would love to continue our musical journey together with weekly rehearsals starting 7 February 2024 until the showon 21-23 June!

We meet every Wednesday night from 19:30 at The Warehouse (De Star 5, Leidschendam). Our aim is to have fun, explore different musical hits made famous by film and theatre, and practice our singing skills.
There will be extra rehearsals if you want to be one of the soloists in A Night on Broadway. Sign up by clicking the button below.
We will have the fabulous Imre Hartog as musical director. She makes sure we are accompanied by piano or guitar every week, guiding our musical journey together.

Sign-ups are open; click the button below for more:

Follow us on Facebook for events and updates, and on Instagram for behind the scenes pics of our wonderful productions!

The Warehouse
De Star 5
2266NA Leidschendam

Upcoming Events


  • 6 June: 'Peter Pan' principal audition 1,
    19:30, AATG Warehouse
  • 8 June: 'Peter Pan' principal audition 2,
    14:00, AATG Warehouse
  • 30 June: End of Season BBQ,
    16:30, AATG Warehouse
  • 30 June: Annual General Meeting,
    19:30, AATG Warehouse
  • 21-23 June: 'A Night on Broadway'
  • 6-8 Dec: 'Peter Pan' panto performances

  • 3-6 Apr: 'True West'
Special thanks to CultuurSchakel for partly sponsoring many of our productions!