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A More Perfect Human

Our spring production is a one-act play, ‘A More Perfect Human’, written and directed by Henri Colens, that was performed on 22 and 23 April in Het Paradijs Theater, The Hague. This exciting one-act play tackles political corruption of the highest order. A government minister, Marion Slater, is preparing to go on live TV to defend a scandal-plagued colleague. Her assistant, Natalie Smyth, tells her that the Prime Minister’s fixer, Graham Carter, is coming to advise her on how to handle the interview. As events unfold, Marion must make a choice: listen to the stranger from No. 10 or follow her own instincts.

It will also be AATG’s submission for FEATS 2022 in Luxembourg on 26-29 May 2022. FEATS is the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies, a pan-European amateur theatrical competition, where 12 groups from all over Europe come together. Over 4 nights of 3 one-act plays per night on the main stage, and a fringe show in the afternoon on the smaller stage, theatre groups from all over Europe will be staging their recent work. It's an event to remember!

Our cast list is as follows:

Director - Henri Colens
Assistant Director/Producer - Emma de Moel

Marion Slater - Helen Absalom
Graham Carter - John Kearey
Natalie Smyth - Amber van der Graaf
Prologue/Helen Taylor (Female Newsreader) - Maite Bonifas
Charlie Cooper-Brown (Male Newsreader) - Kyle Buijs

Online play reading

How does it work?

  • If you’d like to take part in this play reading as a reader or silent listener, please send an e-mail to John Kearey at least two days before the reading. Please include your telephone number.
  • As host, John will e-mail, by 18:00 the day before the reading, the scripts (as PDF scans) we’ll be reading, plus the sign-on credentials for the whereby.com session, to the participants.
  • At 20:00 on the day of the reading, the participants will sign on to the whereby.com session to take part in the play reading. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to host a future online reading of a play of your choice, please contact John Kearey.

For those wishing to join in person during the hybrid play readings, please come to Verrijn Stuartlaan 17 in Rijswijk. There is plenty of parking available and tram 17 stops nearby. It is an office building and there will be a phone number by the entrance to be let into the building. Those wishing to join online, please let us know in advance and you will be sent the script and a link via email.

After the success of our previous online play readings, we’re looking forward to hosting another interesting evening of theatre.

Everyone’s welcome to take part!

Charity Murder Mystery Dinner deferred to 2022

Due to the current status of the Coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing restrictions, we have sadly decided that the essence and  customer experience of the Murder Mystery Dinner would be so compromised that we have been forced to cancel it for this year.

But fear not! Though your little grey cells may not have the opportunity this year to challenge the MMD author in uncovering the murderer, the AATG is aiming for early 2022 for another attempt at the reunion of the renowned 80’s rock band AB/CD.

And even better news, if you were booked for the event in 2020 your ticket will automatically transfer, guaranteeing your place at this superb, fun evening. If you can't make the 2022 dates (TBA), then please contact dinnermurdermystery@gmail.com for details of how to claim a refund.

Inspector Savage apologies for the inconvenience due to the current situation, and hopes that you all stay safe.

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