Recent Productions

A More Perfect Human
22-23 April 2022, Paradijs Theater, The Hague
27 May 2022, FEATS main stage in Mersch, Luxembourg

This exciting one-act play tackled political corruption of the highest order. A government minister, Marion Slater, is preparing to go on live TV to defend a scandal-plagued colleague. Her assistant, Natalie Smyth, tells her that the Prime Minister’s fixer, Graham Carter, is coming to advise her on how to handle the interview. As events unfold, Marion must make a choice: listen to the stranger from No. 10 or follow her own instincts.

This was the AATG's entry for FEATS 2022 in Luxembourg.

Sleeping Beauty
11-13 March 2022, Warenar Theater, Wassenaar

Dust off your ‘It’s behind you’, start practising your ‘Oh no we don’t’, and be ready for a rip-roaring ride of fun because finally the AATG are back with their big, brash and brilliant Pantomime for 2022 SleepingBeauty.

This was a fun re-telling of the classic fairy tale in the form of a traditional British pantomime (a fun filled show for adults and children of all ages). We booed the evil fairy and cheered for the good fairies, and hoped that there was a happy ever after. Packed full of songs, jokes and audience participation, SleepingBeautyenteratined everyone from the age of 3 to 103. And as we were warned, just like the Dutch weather, we all got slightly wet!

Due to Covid, this panto was relocated in both time and space from our usual December slot and was performed in March instead.

Happily Ever After...

6-8 December 2019, Theater aan het Spui, The Hague

Pantos always end in a neat and tidy ‘happily ever after’. But have you ever wondered what happens after the end of a panto? Does everybody really stay happy forever?

The audiences joined us on a look into the future, starting with the end of the ficitious previous panto and wending through the trials, troubles and tribulations of Jack, the hero (sort of). His wife, Jill, had stormed off in frustration, only to be captured by Darius Dastardly and his cronies Wilbur and Peanut. With the help of his mum Dame Judy Wench, the wannabe heroes Fred and Bubbles, and a little magic from his fairy godmother Sabrina, Jack managed to find Darius and defeat him, winning Jill back in the process! Hurrah, a truly happy ending!

Panto Rehearsal Alternative - New Kids Sessions

Despite the increasingly cold, wet, windy weather our younger members have certainly been keeping warm during their lively Sunday afternoon PRANKS rehearsals at The Warehouse.Two groups of children have, between them, been working on three Musical Theatre numbers under the guidance of Jenny Hall (singing), Lale Uribeechevarria (dance) and Julia Wright (acting).

We are very excited that we have been given permission to film in the Warenar Theatre – so whilst it obviously won’t be the same, they will at least get a taste of being on stage this year, after all. Watch this space for their online performance!

King Richard the Third poster

King Richard the Third
7-9 June 2019, Koninklijke Schouwburg, The Hague

The tragedy of King Richard the Third excitingly presented "the whole course of his detested life and most deserved death". As we now know, it is a biased account, blackening Richard’s name while glorifying the rebellious earl who defeated him in battle (and became the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I, during whose reign Shakespeare lived and worked).

A note from the director John Kearey: It was a wonderful experience to direct such a talented and hard-working cast, and to welcome so many old and new friends to our three performances in 'Het Paradijs'! And I’d like to thank all those who gave their backstage support in various ways.

Charity Murder Mystery Dinner 2019

23 March 2019, Warenar Theater, Wassenaar

Once again, this year's Charity Murder Mystery Dinner at the Warenar Theater on Saturday 23rd March 2019 was a huge success! A sell out killer show based on the latest product launch event of that well known international technology company, Pear (Please note that any link to any other fruit named international technology company is completely intentional... errr unintentional!).

The audience gasped with the drama throughout the evening, thrilled as the interweaved story of the suspects unfolded, and cheered when the murderer was finally un-masked by Chief Inspector Savage and his team of resilient investigators (i.e. the audience).

Many thanks to those who attended and made the evening such a success. We are pleased to announce that this yeara whopping total of €1300 was donated to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders!

Jack and the Beanstalk

7-9 December 2018, Theater aan het Spui, The Hague

In 2018, the AATG performed ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, written by John Hall and directed by Jenny Hall, on the 7th, 8th and 9th of December at Theater aan het Spui in The Hague.

This hugely successful and epicly hilarious take on the classic fairy tale we all know and love thrusts Jack into herodom to climb the magical beanstalk and save the children of the village from their doom. There was a trio of bumbling police officers, animals having identity crises, the cantankerous town mayor, a virtuoso harp, and of course, the fearsome giant we all love to hate, and of course, a bloke in a dress!

The audience came to the show prepared to cheer for the heroes, boo the villains, laugh at everyone’s crazy antics, and find out exactly how giant that Giant really was! Overall, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ the panto was a fun and energetic show full of songs, dances and plenty of jokes for the whole family, and a wonderful memory for all those involved in creating that panto magic.

Universal Language and Flowers for Algernon

20 and 21 May 2018 at FEATS, Antwerp

2 June 2018 at Badhuistheater, Amsterdam

'The Universal Language' by David Ives, directed by John Kearey, and 'Flowers for Algernon' by Daniel Keyes, directed by Emma de Moel.

David Ives spins hilarity out of words in “The Universal Language,” which brings together Dawn, a young woman with a stutter, and Don, the creator and teacher of Unamunda, the language that will unite all humankind. First staged in New York City in November 1993.

'Flowers for Algernon' is the compelling story of Charlie, a mentally handicapped man, and the strange interweaving of his life with that of Algernon, a mouse. Experimental surgery has been performed on Algernon increasing his intelligence fourfold, but the consequences for Charlie are dire indeed. 

'The Universal Language', AATG’s main stage entry, was nominated for best actor and actress for the leading pair, and won an overall prize for 3rd place.

Charity Murder Mystery Dinner 2018

3 March 2018, Wassenaar: An Ambassadorial Affair

Despite the shock and horror as the Crown Prince of Borogovia met a grisly fate, the participants at the AATG Charity Murder Mystery dinner managed to enjoy themselves at the Warenar theatre.

With clues aplenty, and an enjoyable 3 course dinner, the guests, ably led by the quintessentially grumpy Detective Inspector Savage, cut through the red herrings, the white lies and the distractions of multiple other colours to identify the real murderer.

And to cap the enjoyment, the guests raised over 1200 Euros for the Koningin Wilhelmina Cancer fund.

The AATG wishes to express its huge thanks to all the appreciative and actively participating audience members, the actors who stayed in character all evening, the volunteer waiters and the staff of the Warenar theatre.

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